The World’s Best Crypto Seed Storage




Tamper Resistant

ColdTi is the world’s best cryptocurrency seed storage solution. It won’t rust, melt or mutilate for millennia. ColdTi accommodates any seed, is language agnostic and was designed to be inconspicuously sealed with numbered, holographic stickers to indicate tampering. Simply put ColdTi is the easiest and safest place to store your cryptocurrency seed.


Step 1:
Neatly engrave or stamp your seed
(2.5mm or 3mm stamps)

BIP39 word list / numbers:
GitHub | PDF

Step 2:
Close the ColdTi (seeds inward) with the binding posts

Step 3:
Seal the plates with the included uniquely numbered, holographic stickers

Very high melting point

Unbranded & Nondescript

Credit Card sized

Extreme Durability

Accepts any 12- or 24-word seed


What’s included?

  • Two (2) Titanium Plates (Grade CP2)
  • Two (2) Binding Post Sets
  • Two (2) Uniquely-numbered Holographic Stickers

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